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Vehicle Servicing

In this service, a customer can book an online appointment or call us directly.

On booked date by the customer, the vehiclerella worker goes at the location which is given by the customer then the customer needs to fill a vehiclerella form where entire required details as well as whole major & minor faults of the vehicle will have to mention. For convenience, it is mandatory for both vehicle’s owner & vehiclerella worker to sign on the form.

Wow Service - vehiclerella provides a wow services to the customers as part of the services. If the customer needs another vehicle then vehiclerella provides a vehicle on booked day.

After that vehiclerella worker takes the vehicle to the workshop explains all faults to a supervisor. Entire vehicle servicing is done in front of vehiclerella worker. After servicing, he checks all faults are corrected or not. As next step, he informs to the customer for payment. After payment vehiclerella worker delivers the vehicle to the customer on given address.

After 48 hours, vehiclerella support team calls to the customer to take his or her feedback.

This service is very beneficial for the customer. They don’t need to spend much time in vehicle servicing because these days people are very busy in their work. With the help of, they can save their valuable time for official work or enjoy the weekend with family or friends. Sometimes automobile workshop is far from customer’s home therefore they need to spend so much time in vehicle servicing and maintenance. They feel inconvenient to go there so here is to help them regarding vehicle servicing and maintenance.

With the help of, automobile companies also can grow their business. Sometimes automobile workshops are far from customer’s home. The customer feels inconvenience to go for servicing or repair work because it takes much time and they have to waste their fuel as well. Therefore, the customer takes their vehicle to the local garage which is near to his home for convenience. But the quality of work in the local garage is not good. The local garage does not give any warranty as well. After a few days, the same problem occurs in the vehicle. It is not good for customer’s point of view and they do not have any benefit to repair the vehicle in the local garage. On the other hand, if customers do not come to repair or servicing their vehicle in the workshop of automobile companies then these also go in lose. We solve this problem. We encourage the customers to visit the automobile workshop and explain them the benefits of servicing and repair their vehicle in the workshop. As the customers satisfy, servicing and repairing business of the automobile companies grows. If the service is good then its direct effect sees in sales. Thus, the sale of vehicle increases that plays an important role in the growth of the business.

Most of the customers visit the workshop or repair their vehicle when free service is given by the company or when the vehicle is in the warranty. Once, the vehicle is out of warranty or free service is over customer takes their vehicle to the local garage. focuses on such types of customer and takes them to the workshop again. We focus on non-regular and lost customers. We make them understand the benefits and quality of automobile workshop. Our motive is to bring more and more customer to the workshop.

Breakdown Services

In this service, if the customer’s vehicle is in off road condition or not able to move then in just one call of customer our workers reach on that location within few minutes. Then he drops the vehicle to the safe place or workshop. This is our special service. The service is available 24x7. In this service, the customer does not have to pay advance money or sign any service agreement. We only charge for our service not for anything else. This service is also useful for automobile companies because we take the breakdown vehicle to the workshop only, not in any local garage.

Emergency Fuel

In this service, if the vehicle fuel ends anywhere in the city and vehicle is not starting then we reach there in just one call and provide fuel to the customer so that customer could continue his journey.

Temporary Driver

We also provide a temporary driver when the customer needs a driver for a long trip and they are not able to drive in long route. So we provide them, temporary driver. Our drivers are well trained and know how to drive safely. Our drivers are well familiar with rules and regulation of road and highways. We provide only drivers who have a driving license and who hold a minimum 5 years of experience in the car driving.

Towing Services

Towing is the coupling of two objects together so that they may be pulled from designated sources. If the vehicle is breakdown somewhere else in the city and not able to move then we provide towing service so that vehicle could reach its destination. We make sure that vehicle reaches the safe place from the breakdown location.

Emergency Vehicle

We also provide emergency vehicle service. If one vehicle of the customer has gone for servicing or repair work and customer need another vehicle for their routine work like going to the office, bank, hospital etc. In such situation, customer faces lots of problems to go one place to another. They use local transport like auto, taxi or local bus but these take too much time. To solve this problem, we provide emergency vehicle service. In this service, we provide a two-wheeler to the customer so that they can feel comfort and save their valuable time. It helps them to continue their routine work without facing any problem. This is our wow... service.

We have well trained drivers & all are verified by R.T.O.

Why Vehiclerella

Save customer’s time

Our services are very beneficial for customers. They don’t need to spend their valuable time in the workshop for vehicle repair or servicing. These days, people are very busy in their work, with help of they can save much time for their official work and also can enjoy the weekend with family and friends.

Business growth for automobile companies

Vehiclerella also helps in business growth of automobile companies because we bring more & more vehicles for servicing & repairing in only authorized workshop of companies.

Getting back to lost customers

With help of vehiclerella, automobile companies can get back their lost customers as well as non-regular customers.

Fewer accident chances

If the vehicle is well maintained & servicing done time to time then accident chances reduce 99.99%.

About Us

Give the best platform between owner’s vehicle & automobile workshop.

To become the best service provider for automobile sector & helping them in business growth & make their satisfy customer.

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Who we are

Vehiclerella was founded in November 2015. It is a service provider company in the automobile sector. With the help of, automobile companies can grow their business. We also provide a platform between customer & workshop so that customer could get service & repair their vehicles time to time.

We are completely service based company and provide comfort to the owner of vehicles.

What we do- we analyze technology & online services in every field of automobile sector which is very important because by vehicle we are doing everything. Each and every time we need a vehicle so this is our duty to maintain this expensive thing. Therefore we started these online services. With help of, people can maintenance their vehicle without doing anything else. They just need to take an appointment online or via a direct call for maintenance of their vehicle.

Work Process



1. Online
2. Offline


Pickup Vehicle

1. Fill service form
2. Provide emergency vehicle


Vehicle Servicing

1. Car
2. Moter Cycle


Vehicle Crosscheck

1. Car
2. Moter Cycle


Receive Payment

1. Cash
2. Cheque
3. Online Transfer


Vehicle Delivery

1. Our Place
2. Customer Place

Note- Customer satisfaction feedback call will be held in 48 hours after vehicle delivery.

Our Team

Sharda Kumar Yadav


Experience in IT, Telecom, Healthcare & Automobile Sector
MBA- B.I.T.M., Pune
Engineering- B.I.R.T. Bhopal
Great skills in management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Rohit Bain

Marketing Head

Experience in Automobile Sector
B.E.- R.G.P.M., Bhopal
Good Skills in Marketing & Customer Handling

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